The Future Of Mobile Technology

  Orion is backed by 7 well-qualified and experienced individuals and together we share over a 100 years of experience living and working in emerging economies, from Africa, to China, to India and right here in the United States. This past two years we have combined together to meet major milestones and have many more to meet. Our board of advisors consists of 3 extremely knowledgeable persons who we have been blessed to meet these past few years. We are also partnered with experienced companies to outsource our engineering and manufacturing and we know with the focus of our team combined with the expertise of our partners,we can and will do great things in this world!

  At Orion Electronics Company our focus is to design and engineer Affordable, High-quality, Unique, User and Eco-Friendly mobile devices for consumers in emerging markets.

  By using the methods of urban design and architecture combined with the mobility and accessibility of mobile technology, we envision creating a physical “Universe” around our mobile devices to build a technologically advanced and eco-friendly future, today, for our consumers in developing countries.

  • Oct 2013


  • May 2014

    Electrical Engineering Research Completed

  • Oct 2014

    Executive Team Completed

  • Mar 2015

    Device Design Completed

  • Mar 2015

    Accepted to SCORE Mentorship Program

  • Apr 2015

    Business Plan Completed

  • Apr 2015

    3D Model Completed

  • Apr 2015

    IQE Pitch Competition Runner-Up

  • Apr 2015

    Accepted to Cintrifuse

  • Apr 2015

    Chinese Manufacturer Proposal

  • Aug 2015

    Officially became Delaware LLC

  • Oct 2015

    Pitch to Queen City Angels

For more information regarding the Orion Electronics Company LLC, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you in the next 24hours. Thank you.

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